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Bar manager Jasmine talks champions

As part of the councils new community network to help stop the spread of coronavirus and keep residents and businesses up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19, we spoke to Jasmine who has become one of our Community Champions.

Jasmine Catherall lives in Wallasey and is Manager of The Scrap Yard bar on Wallasey Road.

Why did you sign up to be a Community Champion?

I filled out the form online really easily. Mostly because I think it’s good to have a direct form of communication to get concrete information regarding the Coronavirus guidelines and what’s happening. We are a busy bar with our own buzzing community and it’s great for us to be able to pass this information on to our many staff, customers and even family and friends.

A lot of stories you hear about the guidance circulating online or elsewhere isn’t necessarily true and can be exaggerated. So, for me, running the business and being able to pass the information on to a wide range of people feels like a good thing to do – rather than letting hearsay or misinformation spread.

What do you think it could bring to your business?

While it’s not why I signed up, I think being a Community Champion could be beneficial to us. If my customers know that there’s someone here who is getting and passing on the correct information, hopefully they will be more comfortable, happier, and in the know.

I think, from talking to lots of customers, there’s a lot of confusion out there - even if they have read the guidelines, confusion around what the updates mean or different interpretations in the media.

For example, this week we’ve had customers asking how we’ll cope just letting six people into the building at a time – but the guidance doesn’t apply to our business as a whole just to max groups sizes going from 30 to six. I think being a Community Champion could help to get everyone on the same page and ultimately keep people safe.

To be a Community Champion like Jasmine sign up at