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Top 5 Summer Safety tips

With school holidays underway, residents and visitors are being urged to enjoy Wirral’s many attractions and activities safely this Summer.

Residents and visitors to the peninsula can expect to enjoy sprawling coastlines, seaside resorts and beauty spots. And with warm weather, water safety and a pandemic to be aware of, we want everyone to be careful when they’re out and about in the coming weeks.

Here are our top tips to help you and your family stay safe and enjoy the sunshine:

  1. Water safety: We all love a trip to the beach but remember to check tide times (especially if you’re visiting Hilbre Island!), don’t go out too far in the water and keep away from sinking mud. If you see someone in trouble at the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
  2. Respect, Protect, Enjoy: As part of the council’s Summer Plan, additional bulk bins will be provided in hotspot areas to allow residents and visitors to dispose of litter. If our crews haven’t emptied them before you need them and there’s no room, please don’t leave your rubbish at the side or on top, find another bin or take it home with you – let’s keep our beauty spots beautiful!
  3. Road safety: Wirral’s many beauty spots attract visitors from far and wide so, take extra care when roads are busy. Always use crossing points where they are available to help you and any little ones or furry friends cross safely. If you’re getting about on two wheels, don’t forget your helmet and safety checks!
  4. Prepare for warm weather: Sunshine is lovely but sunburn and heatstroke are never fun! Make sure you and the family use suncream with SPF even on cloudy days this summer, and drink plenty of water. If you have any family members with four paws, don’t leave them in hot cars, even for a few minutes, and take care not to walk them when it’s too hot!
  5. Corona-who? Whether you’re still feeling cautious or you’re enjoying your new found freedom, the pandemic is still happening and Coronavirus is still circulating in our communities. But rather than talk about what not to do, we want to talk about what you CAN do to help Keep Wirral Well.
  • Remember COVID-19 loves it when crowds gather in closed spaces. Think Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air this summer and stop the spread!
  • Collect test kits so you can continue to carry out twice weekly symptom-free tests for those aged 11+ from
  • Get vaccinated - Wirral’s latest walk-in clinics and pop-up vaccine bus stops are available at COVID-19 vaccination walk-in clinics - Wirral CCG, or call your GP if you’re not sure when you’re due for your vaccine(s).
  • Remember to self-isolate if you have Coronavirus symptoms or view the handy chart below!