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Health Director update: Testing Wirral's key workers

An update from Julie Webster, Wirral's Director of Public Health.

Dear resident,

Since my last update, there have been many developments in how Wirral is responding to Coronavirus, both publicly and behind the scenes.

Wirral Council continues, along with health partners across the borough, to lobby the Government for adequate support and testing for our many key workers.

The Council is also working in partnership with Wirral CCG to increase the availability and accessibility of testing to Wirral key workers. Much work is ongoing behind the scenes to create these services and I hope to be able to update you further in the coming days.

Currently, testing is available for key workers who are self-isolating with symptoms and/or members of their household who are experiencing symptoms. Testing is most effective within five days of symptoms developing (fever or new and persistent cough).

If your test result is negative, it means:

  • You don’t currently have coronavirus
  • You can safely return to work, providing anyone you live with also tests negative

If you test positive or someone you live with tests positive, you cannot return to work. You need to continue to self-isolate. Read NHS advice about how long to self-isolate here.

Currently, if you’re not a key worker, don’t live with one, and are not symptomatic, you can’t apply for a test. If you have symptoms use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do. More information is available here.

I’d like to thank all the key workers of Wirral who are working extremely hard to support others.

From NHS and emergency service workers, to teachers, shop workers, our Coronavirus helpline team and everyone in between. Your efforts to keep the borough moving are very much appreciated.

In addition to testing, there are ways that members of the public can support those who are keeping Wirral moving. The fantastic Clap for Carers of a Thursday evening provides a much-needed boost of loud and proud praise for those providing care - but you can also support our carers by, you guessed it, continuing to stay home and protect our vital services.

Thanks for reading and please, look after yourselves and each other,

Julie Webster, Wirral's Director of Public Health.

Key worker testing availability: