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What a difference two years makes…

01 February 2022
A photo from 2021 of a corridor down the middle of the planting at Walker Park - the trees are looking green and luscious.

…17520 little hours*.  As we continue to progress through the tree planting season, we look back one of the community plantings of 2019 to see what a difference two years has made.

At Walker Park, a variety of trees were planted including Oak, Beech, Holly, Bird Cherry, Hazel, Rowan, Guelder Rose and Alder Buckthorn – helping to ‘bring the sun and the flowers, where there used to [just] be rain’*.

The trees were a mixture of small and large trees and were planted by volunteers, Friends of Walker Park, Wirral Council’s Parks and Countryside staff and school children from Prenton and Devonshire Primary.

Very often with community plantings, the trees planted are baby whips or saplings …but ‘since that moment of bliss’* (back in 2019 when these trees were planted) …and the trees have been able to grow, even these smaller trees can then help to reduce the effects of climate change by storing carbon.

To see how the area has changed and developed over the last two years, watch the video below.

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‘What a different two years made …and the difference is you.’ *

With tree planting season in full swing, if you would like to help make the difference, you can find out more and get involved by visiting the council’s website

*Lyrics quoted and paraphrased from Dinah Washington’s ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’