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Council meetings at Wallasey town hall

27 May 2022
Wallasey Town Hall building from Brighton Street

Council meetings are once again being held primarily at Wallasey town hall.

Committee meetings and gatherings of the full council had been held at the Floral Pavilion to allow for social distancing after they returned to being held “in person” following the pandemic lockdowns.

Now most committee meetings, which oversee specific areas of the local authority’s work, are once again being held in the town hall in Wallasey, with some being held in Birkenhead town hall.

Full details of the municipal calendar can be found on the council website which includes where and when the committees are being held. Details of the meeting agendas are published here too in the week ahead of the meeting.

The Council Committee chairs have also been appointed and are:



Vice Chair

Policy & Resources

Cllr Janette Williamson

Cllr Jean Robinson

Adult Social Care and Public Health

Cllr Yvonne Nolan

Cllr Mary Jordan

Children, Young People and Education

Cllr Kathy Hodson

Cllr Helen Collinson

Economy, Regeneration and Housing

Cllr Tony Jones

Cllr Andrew Hodson

Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport

Cllr Liz Grey

Cllr Harry Gorman

Tourism Communities, Culture and Leisure

Cllr Helen Cameron

Cllr Tony Smith

Audit and Risk Management

Cllr Simon Mountney

Cllr Stuart Kelly


Cllr Pat Cleary

Cllr Cherry Povall


Cllr Stuart Kelly

Cllr Steve Foulkes

Regulatory and General Purposes

Cllr Andrew Hodson

Cllr Clare O’Hagan

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