Consultation on savings options in Children’s Services launches

19 December 2022
wirral skyline graphic with the words Wirral Council budget 2023 24 consultation

Consultation on possible savings to the council’s budget within Children’s Services has started.

It follows on from consultations which are currently underway across a range of council services including possible savings options in street cleansing, libraries, parks and countryside, and leisure.

At this point no decisions on any savings in the council’s budget have been made but it is anticipated, from the current budget projections, that the council is likely to face very difficult choices in the coming months.

People are being asked to give their views on options for savings across these areas. Those taking part in the consultations can also use a new budget simulator to indicate areas they believe the council should prioritise spending and make savings in the coming year, 2023-24.

It is a legal requirement for the council to set a balanced budget, and the online simulator gives those using it the chance to have a go at doing just that. 

Wirral Council, like the majority of councils across the country, is seeing the costs of providing some of services increase, at the same time as demands for many of those council services are also rising, stretching the limited budget.

It should also be noted that the current budget estimates the council is working from are based on a worst-case scenario, but it is judged prudent to plan for the worst, particularly give the current economic climate.

This is a national issue and one which affects local authorities across the country – Wirral is not alone in facing these difficult financial circumstances. In the meantime people can help by using the ongoing budget consultation to indicate their views and priorities regarding the savings options being looked at.

You can find out more about the council budget simulator at the HaveYouSay page here: