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Recycle Week 2019: Let's recycle right

To support national, Recycle Week 2019, residents are being encouraged to ‘recycle right’ and make a difference by taking recycling in to our own hands, in a bid to protect our environment.

Recycle Week taking place from September 23 -29, is the UK’s annual event to build awareness of, and encourage everyone to recycle more items from all around the home. The theme for this year is #InOurOwnHands, encouraging us all to recycle and make a difference.

With Wirral declaring a climate emergency and 2019 being the year of the environment residents are being asked to recycle all they can and this year our focus is on ensuring that we’re all recycling the items we can, correctly.

The latest research from Recycle Now has shown that over 60% of households across the UK are recycling more than they were a year ago, due to environmental concerns. To help encourage more recycling and reduce confusion for households, Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority’s Recycle Right website has been designed to help. Take a look at the Recycle Right website to find out what should and shouldn't be recycled and why.

To find out more about national Recycle Week visit the Recycle Now website