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Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas

With the festive season in full swing, we wanted to share some seasonal tips for an eco-friendlier Christmas.

As a nation, we produce more waste over the two-week Christmas period than at any other time of the year. Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) reports that 300,000 tonnes of card is used in UK households during the festive season (enough to cover the London Eye 50,000 times), 300 million plastic straws and cups will be used and thrown away, and 226,000 miles of wrapping paper will be used (enough to wrap around the world nine times!).

Environmentally friendly seasonal tips:

   1.Castle of cardboard?  

With more cardboard boxes being used for gifts than any other time, you may find yourself hiding behind a fort of boxes unsure what to do. Don’t forget cardboard can be recycled as long as any plastics, tape or polystyrene have been removed! Be sure to flatten any boxes to save space for all other items that may need to go in your recycling bin!

   2. Christmas all wrapped up…

Unfortunately, not all wrapping paper is recyclable. One way to test if it is or not is through the very scientific ‘scrunch test’… Simply scrunch your paper up and if it springs back, it is likely to be made from plastic film and is unable to be recycled.

   3. All that glitters…

Did you know that Glitter isn’t recyclable? Please be careful what you’re putting into your recycling bin, items such as wrapping paper that might have glitter on, this would make it unable to be recycled.

Try to buy cards and wrapping paper that haven't got glitter on for a more environmentally friendly Christmas option.

  4. Food, glorious food…

We all like to overindulge during the festive season but try not to let all that food go to waste. 

If you’ve got leftovers from the Christmas dinner, why not think of other meals you can make out of it, such as bubble and squeak or soups?

  5. One final ‘Tree-mendous’ idea… 

If you’ve bought a real Christmas tree this year, don’t forget it can be recycled and/or reused! 

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Wirral Hospice St John’s and its army of volunteers are taking bookings for the tree collection service. Register for a collection and the team will collect your tree for a small donation which helps raise funds for the hospice. You can find out more or book the service by visiting their website.
  • If you’ve got a garden waste subscription pop your tree in the garden waste bin (ensuring all decorations are removed).
  • Replant – If your tree still has a root ball, you can plant it in your garden to admire all year round.

For more information on what can be recycled visit the Recycle Right website.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!