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Councillors set balanced budget for Wirral Council 2022-23

Councillors have agreed a series of proposals which will see a balanced budget for Wirral Council in 2022-23.

A meeting of the full council held at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton approved the measures for the coming year.

Consultations will now continue on the budget proposals on which the public’s views are currently being sought, including withdrawing funding from Hoylake and Brackenwood golf courses, Woodchurch Leisure Centre and a significant reduction in the number of library buildings operated by the authority. To take part in these consultations visit the council’s HaveYourSay portal.

Other budget proposals included changing the Europa “fun pool” into a gym and closure for 12 months of Wirral Tennis Centre for partial redevelopment. There is also a reduction in the number of public toilets proposed to be retained, and consultation on this option is continuing.

Changes to the initial proposals agreed by councillors in their meeting included retaining school crossing patrols, Climate Emergency funding and working with community groups who are seeking to take over running some facilities through community asset transfers. In addition, there will be no new charge for parking permits.

A number of further “back-office” reductions within the authority were agreed to be implemented by councillors in the budget to achieve the necessary savings.

The budget will see council tax also rise by 1.99% plus a 1% ringfenced increase to Adult Social Care, in addition to precepts added by other services such as police and fire. This will see an increase for a Band D property of £61.34 a year.

Total Council Tax for Wirral 2022-23:

Band A £1,368.39

Band B £1,596.45

Band C £1,824.51

Band D £2,052.58

Band E £2,508.71

Band F £2,964.83

Band G £3,420.97

Band H £4,105.16