Chris and Rowena: Fostering siblings with Wirral Council

10 August 2022
Foster carers Chris and Rowena

A sibling bond is like no other, which is why we’re looking for more remarkable foster carers to help us keep brothers and sisters together – like Wirral carers Chris and Rowena. 

The couple have helped many children in the 23 years they’ve been fostering and have been keen to open up their home to siblings, to keep them together. 

“We decided to foster siblings as we have enough room and feel they need to stay together,” they said. “We enjoy watching them grow together and encourage them to support each other.” 

The couple get a strong sense of achievement watching the children in their care develop with some even returning home to their families.  

Reflecting on their experience of changing the lives of children in their care, Chris and Rowena have siblings with them who had never been out of their local area, and had never been to a beach until the couple took them to New Brighton.  

“Both children were completely amazed at the sea as they had never seen it before, they thought we were in a different country. At first, they couldn’t grasp what other children were doing but once they took off their shoes and felt the water and sand they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.” 

The couple, keen to keep the children experiencing new adventures, are now taking them on their first holiday abroad. 

“They are very excited. A short local journey brought them so much joy yet we felt we had to open up the world for them.” 

For those starting their fostering journey or considering taking the step to change a child’s life by fostering with Wirral Council, the couple have this bit of advice: 

“You don’t need a huge house, or to live in a tree lined avenue, to foster. Just about anyone from any walk of life foster - and we do. 

“Never feel you’re alone or struggle. Ask for help, nobody is going to judge you, especially other foster carers because we’ve all been there. We’ve made mistakes and we’ve all felt helpless, there is always somebody ready to listen, help and talk.” 

If you or someone you know has room in their home and heart to foster, or even if you are thinking about it and just want an informal chat, please get in touch. You can email, call us on 0151 666 4616, or visit the website for more information

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Chris and Rowena's fostering story