Prescription to get active: Invigor8 health pass gets residents moving

13 September 2023
a group of people of different ages in a dance class, the words 'health pass to get active'

A reduced-price fitness and leisure membership is offering residents who meet certain criteria the chance to get moving, for less.

Active Wirral now offer a health membership as part of their We Are Undefeatable project.

As part of the offer, residents with health conditions will have the opportunity to buy three monthly memberships for the reduced price of £15 per month, to help kick start their fitness journey.

Cllr Helen Cameron, Chair of Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure Committee for Wirral Council, said:

This new membership gives local people living with health conditions an opportunity to take part in physical activity in a way that suits their lifestyle.

Along with access to Wirral’s gyms, pools and fitness classes, there are lots of other activities people can do that are sociable, fun and don’t always feel like exercise such as joining an allotment group or a dancing session.

Getting moving is important, but it’s also about building confidence, socialising and enjoying yourself. We’re all more likely to stick to an exercise habit if we look forward it!

Active Wirral will take referrals from health care professionals such as GPs, Health Coaches and Social Prescribers.

People who meet the following criteria will be eligible for the health membership:

  • Wirral resident.
  • Over 18 (no upper age limit).
  • Has a health condition.
  • Is considered inactive and needs some support accessing physical activity.

Anyone who already has an Invigor8 membership, has a significant unmanaged condition not under clinical review, blood pressure over 180/100, resting pulse over 100bpm or has had significant surgery recently is not eligible for a health membership.

Residents interested in starting an Active Wirral Health Membership should speak with their GP practice, Health Coach or social prescriber. Residents can also contact the team directly for more information on 0151 606 2010 or by emailing

This is the latest development in the We Are Undefeatable project, which was launched in Summer 2020. Running in partnership with Sport England and the national campaign for We Are Undefeatable, the project is aimed at people who are living with a long-term health condition and would like more support to be active.

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