'30 days 30 ways' campaign gets underway

29 September 2022
woman holding bucket catching water from burst pipe

Throughout October, Wirral is supporting a national initiative to encourage people to prepare for different emergency situations – both big and small.

*This awareness campaign was originally planned for September but postponed due to the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II.*

The ‘30 days 30 ways’ campaign will see messages and tips shared from expert partners to help people prepare for a variety of potential emergencies, including floods, power cuts and accidents. The hazard-themed messages and resources cover topics ranging from safety and security, to mental health and wellbeing.

Councillor Helen Cameron, Chair of the Tourism, Communities, Culture & Leisure Committee, said:

“As summer days draw to a close, people begin turning their minds to the coming autumn and winter which may bring some severe weather events.

“Preparedness is about being proactive and ensuring people are prepared as well as they can be, to build resilience and cope with unforeseen circumstances.

“This campaign aims to inspire and empower individuals, communities and businesses to take action to help prevent and prepare for such events and I hope that by supporting the messages from our wide-range of partners we can help people remain vigilant.”

All emergencies are different in terms of dangers to the public and the response required. However, in most cases (where you haven’t been evacuated), you should go inside, stay inside and tune into local radio news for updates.

In Wirral, priorities for emergency planning as set out in the Community Safety Strategy, include:

  • Assessing local risks
  • Putting in place emergency plans
  • Putting in place Business Continuity arrangements
  • Putting in place arrangements to make information available to the public
  • Sharing information with local responders
  • Co-operating with local responders to enhance coordination
  • Providing advice and assistance to businesses and individuals

You can follow updates on the 30 days project throughout the month using the hashtag #30days30waysUK.