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5 ways to exercise – without even knowing it!

Finding the time or inclination to exercise isn’t always easy.

Whether it’s a busy job, looking after the family or you just don’t fancy the idea of going for a jog or joining a gym, there are lots of reasons why many of us don’t get around to doing any ‘formal’ exercise.

But there is an alternative – just get more out of your everyday activity!

Almost everything we do involves some form of exercise, so here are five ideas for how you can get more active my making small changes to your daily routine:

1.         Make the most of the cleaning

OK, we know it’s a chore, but washing, dusting and hoovering all burn the calories and help agility - so get the hoover out and put the music on!

2.         Do the shopping yourself

Online shopping might be convenient, but we usually do it when we’re on our own and sitting down with a cuppa – hardly the recipe for an active and sociable life!  So try getting yourself out to the local shops more often – and you never know who you might bump into…

3.         Walk the dog

Everyone who has a dog knows that they make life better. And it’s not just the dog that enjoys and benefits from a regular walk. Even if you haven’t got one of your own you could ask a friend, neighbour or relative who has one if you can join them, or even if you can take theirs for a walk occasionally.

4.         Try something new – like dancing

Lots of us promise to try something new in the New Year, so how about giving dancing a go. Whether you’re more street dance than line dance, or if Strictly’s more your thing, you’d be surprised at how many places and clubs there are nearby to give this very sociable exercise a go.

5.         Get out there!

We all tend to take what’s on our doorstep for granted, but Wirral really is blessed with miles and miles of promenades, parks and country parks. So make a promise to yourself to get out there and enjoy some of the wonderful green and open spaces that are just around the corner.