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Support for children and families

Where do you go if you have children under five and want to help them reach their full potential from an early age?

Our Early Childhood Services cover children’s centres, childcare funding, training for childcare providers, and much more.

‘My Child Can’ is a new programme of activities which welcomes parents or carers to join us and help ensure their  youngest children reach their full potential. My Child Can has its own Facebook page and is available at your local children’s centre.

My Child Can activities are designed to support expectant parents and families with children under five. We want to help you to help your little ones to:

  • be healthy and safe, and grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • succeed at school, giving them the skills they need to be ready to learn, and face new challenges
  • count on you – whether you are a first-time parent or growing a family, we offer practical and supportive parenting skills to keep your child happy
  • be proud of you, as you yourself achieve your goals and build skills and confidence - if you’re feeling fulfilled, your children will too!

Ready for school

Ensuring that children are ready for school is one of Wirral Council’s key pledges for 2020. On your child’s first day at school, you want them to know how to play and how to make friends. You want them to know how to take part in group activities – and most importantly, be ready to learn and have fun! That’s why we’ve created these sessions to help prepare children for learning, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Your children’s centres

From pre-birth to children aged five, Wirral’s children’s centres now include three main hubs: Seacombe, Brassey Gardens in Birkenhead, and Pensby, with six centres linking into them. Every child in Wirral has a named children’s centre near to their home, but families are welcome to attend any centre they wish.

Find your local children's centre

Our activities

Our centres will give you a warm welcome and a listening ear. Plus a steer to the following activities and services, including:

  • new parents groups for under 1s
  • Ready for School stay and play sessions
  • parents' nurturing and healthy eating courses
  • midwifery and breastfeeding support
  • parents' forums
  • employment advice and adult learning
  • courses to help build confidence and self-esteem

Stay and Play

Most stay and play sessions are open to all children and families. Why not bring your child along for a session?

Find out more about some of the classes on-offer (please check with your children’s centre for availability):

  • PEEP. A fun session for children aged 1-2 years, supporting you and your child in all areas of development. PEEP is an interactive fun session with songs and rhymes.
  • Twinkle Twos. A fun and informative drop-in for parents and their children who are two years old or soon to be two years old. Younger siblings are welcome too!
  • Baby Massage. Massage is beneficial to both parents and babies, providing a way to soothe and calm little ones with positive interaction. It can improve sleep patterns, eating habits, and all-round wellbeing in babies. Experienced staff are on-hand to show parents how to massage and offer support.
  • Messy Play provides a great chance to have fun and bond with little ones. And while it may look like a mess on the surface, sensory play is a crucial learning experience for your child. A range of both drop-in and bookable sessions are available.

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