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Carers Week 2017: free resources available

This Carers Week (12-18 June 2017), there are a number of free resources on-offer to help support those who care for others.

More than 40,000 people in Wirral are providing care to someone close to them, a family member, relative or friend. Most probably wouldn’t think of themselves as a carer, although that is what they are. Many may not know where to go to for advice, whether they are claiming the right benefits, or how to get the right information they need.

While there are a significant number of people caring for someone aged over 65, there are plenty of people caring for younger people with long-term health conditions, mental health issues, physical or learning disabilities, or because they misuse alcohol or other substances.  There are also carers of all ages - from children as young as five years to people in their 90s - providing care.

Health and social care organisations and professionals are key to identifying people who are caring for someone else. Carers will often be the person who makes appointments, accompanies the cared for to appointments, and raises concerns about the condition of the person they care for with GPs and other health and social care providers. Pharmacists will also dispense medications for people with needs but these are often picked up by the carer. 

What is Carers Week?

Carers Week provides the opportunity to raise awareness of carers’ needs and issues that affect them. It’s also a chance to reach carers who are not already known to support services. Wirral Council is working in partnership with Wired Carers Service and the Agencies for Carers Executive group to raise awareness throughout the week.

The theme for Carers Week 2017 is ‘Building Carer Friendly Communities,’ highlighting how people across the community can help to support someone who has caring responsibilities. They can offer to give a carer a break from caring, help with practical day-to-day activities such as shopping or cleaning, provide company, as well as offering emotional support or assisting the carer to contact support organisations.

Free support for carers

If you are looking after someone, Wirral Council is offering the Jointly app and other support resources for free to help you manage care.

Carers looking for support can contact the Carers Helpline on 0151 670 0777. For a Carers Assessment, please call 0151 606 2006, or visit the Wirral Council website to complete an online assessment.