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We need your help to keep antibiotics working

Antibiotic resistant infections are caused by the unnecessary and inappropriate use of antibiotics, such as not taking them as prescribed or saving them for later use.  It is estimated that 5,000 deaths are caused every year in England because antibiotics no longer work for some infections.

Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them encourages the dangerous bacteria inside you to become resistant.  Not only that, you can pass on those resistant bacteria to your loved ones.

Deaths from routine operations could soon become much more common.  Treatments such as hip replacements, caesarean sections, appendix removal and chemotherapy will be much riskier.

In around 30 years we could be seeing 60,000 people die every year because antibiotics have stopped helping them.  That’s around 160 deaths a day.

If we fail to act now we could be cast back to the dark ages of medicine where treatable infections, injuries and routine operations will kill once again.

Common conditions like kidney infections and pneumonia have already started to become untreatable.  Antibiotics are needed for serious bacterial infections but don’t work for everything.  For viral infections like colds and flu, speak to your pharmacist about the best treatment options for you.

Taking antibiotics you don’t need today means they won’t be there when you and your family really need them tomorrow.

When it comes to antibiotics, take your doctor’s advice.

For further information on antibiotic resistance search ‘NHS antibiotics’ or watch this powerful film showing the possible consequences if we fail to take action today.


Antibiotics DON'T work for Antibiotics are NEEDED for
Colds Serious bacterial infections including:
Flu Pneumonia
Vomiting Urinary tract infections
Most coughs Sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea
Most ear infections Sepsis
Most sore throats Meningococcal meningitis
Most diarrhoea  
Most cystitis  
Ask your pharmacist for advice Take your doctor's advice