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National Obesity Week

Active Wirral is supporting janUary, the national campaign promoting how we can be more active and improve our overall health.

Most of us can be a little bit healthier. Whether it’s making changes to what we eat, drinking more water, or being a bit more physically active. There are relatively small but manageable and sustainable changes we can all make to improve our long-term health.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours running, or doing the kind of exercises that make an Olympic gymnast wince. Nor does it necessarily mean you have to sign up to a sports team or take up a gym subscription.

There is simply no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution – it needs to be based on your likes and dislikes, time and budget.

During the month the campaign website, will have heaps of hints, tips and motivation to keep you going… For now, join us in making a healthy New Year’s Resolution and #dosomethinggoodforgU this JanUary!