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Boundary changes: Your views wanted

The Boundary Commission has published the results of its latest consultation on new constituency boundaries on its website and is asking for comments from the public.

The Commission proposes reducing the number of constituencies from four to three:

  1. Birkenhead
  2. Wallasey
  3. Bebington & Heswall Constituency (new)

There are also implications for Eastham (see below).

Background - and how to respond

Last year, the Boundary Commission for England published and consulted on the initial proposals for new constituency boundaries. During the 12 week public consultation period, nearly 20,000 responses were received. 

The Boundary Commission is now inviting comments on the recommendations for the statutory 4 week period, until Monday, 27 March 2017.

All representations have been published on the website at You can give your responses via this link.

Recommendations in full

The proposals will affect Wirral by reducing the number of constituencies from four to three as follows:

  • Birkenhead constituency, Wallasey constituency, and Bebington & Heswall constituency (new).
  • Wirral South and Wirral West constituencies will no longer exist.

Changes will be made to the existing Birkenhead and Wallasey constituencies in order to increase their very low electorates.  The changes will result in each constituency having an additional ward as follows:

Birkenhead constituency

Bebington Ward will move from Wirral South constituency.

Wallasey constituency

Upton Ward will move from Wirral West constituency.

Wirral South and Wirral West constituencies would no longer exist and a new constituency created called Bebington & Heswall constituency as follows:

Bebington & Heswall constituency

This new constituency will comprise of the remaining wards within Wirral South and Wirral West constituencies.

Although it will not include Bebington Ward (the north-western ward of Bebington town) and therefore the entirety of Bebington town, the name is considered to reflect the composition of the constituency.  Feedback on whether an alternative name would be more appropriate is welcomed.

Another impact the proposals will have to Wirral is that Eastham Ward would cross the county boundary with Cheshire and move into the existing Ellesmere Port and Neston constituency, however, residents would remain part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.

NB: Please note that these are Boundary Commission proposals and any responses should be made to the Boundary Commission (see above).