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Adopting siblings turned our dreams into reality

We asked a local family who have adopted siblings to share their experiences with us. This is their story:

Why adopt siblings?

We have always envisaged our family as being us plus two little ones so whilst we appreciated this would be more challenging; we were ready to embrace it. From the children’s perspective, being adopted is a traumatic and scary time so having a sibling to support them and share the experience, not just in the short term but throughout their lives, could only be a positive thing.

Providing a loving home where they could stay together, was something we felt lucky to be able to do.

How challenging has it been?

Going from no children to two is not without its challenges, you could definitely do with another set of hands! All children, but especially adopted children need time, love, support and understanding. The things they have been through means you have to dedicate yourself to providing the very best environment for them to heal and thrive. This is a huge commitment but also a privilege and joy. Taking two children though gave us a balance. With one child it would have been very easy to overindulge them, not providing the boundaries and routine that they need. 

What do you love about it?

We have the family we always dreamed of. We have two amazing children who are talented, cheeky, beautiful, frustrating, loving and ours. But as siblings they also belong to each other.

They have a very special bond they ask for one another when they wake up; they gravitate towards each other and will tell you they are ‘best friends’.

Physically, they also have someone in their lives that they look a bit like; who has the same sort of toe nails and dimples which provides an anchor to and might answer some questions they may have in respect of their biological history.

Reflecting back now we would not like to think of them being separated or how unfair it would have been for them to have stayed in the looked after system for longer, just because there were two of them. As their mummy and daddy they have made our dreams come true and we cannot believe how lucky we are to have them in our lives. 

Could you adopt siblings?